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To: UK Government

We demand the government have a public enquiry into WMAS in the Staffordshire Moorlands

Staffordshire Moorlands demands the same service in the rural areas of the West Midlands Ambulance service as they get in the urban areas, also we demand that the rapid response vehicles are bought back, so that can help the ambulance service and may also save an ambulance coming on the scene, that full training is given to call centre staff as they know how to find the defibrillators when a caller requires the number, lives matter and are being lost.

Why is this important?

It is important that people sign this petition, as people have already lost their lives, paramedics are put under severe pressure, you might need an ambulance at anytime and if you have to wait hours for one you could die, if you cannot access a defibrillator because they cannot find the number you could die, it’s happened, if you think there is a rapid response vehicle they have been disbanded, Staffordshire had the most volunteers for RRVS until they were wiped out. It’s your life, yours family and friends lives this is really important we deserve better, Mr Marsh CEO is responsible for 5.6 million people 5000 sq miles, if lots of people died in Staffordshire Moorlands it would not affect his targets, he has admitted they will never meet the rural needs, they should they did until he changed the system, it was the best not anymore it’s broken
Staffordshire Moorlands District, UK

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2024-03-27 07:10:25 +0000

Please share and sign it might not affect you today but who knows when it might, we need to ensure we have a good service delivered by the westmidlands ambulance service for everyone, that means we need Mr Marsh to change and listen to the people he serves, the paramedics are. It to blame

2024-03-07 00:53:19 +0000

The rural areas deserve the same response times and treatment as the urban areas, we demand a public enquiry into the West Midlands Ambulance we believe it is broken and it’s Not the paramedics they are excellent, it Is the Managment

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