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To: Liz Leyshon - Mendip District Council

We Must Keep The Disabled Parking Bay At The Back Of The Tor - Glastonbury

There are plans to remove the disabled parking bay from the back of the Tor.
This petition is to protect the rights of the disabled and stop the removal of the disabled parking bay.

Why is this important?

This is discrimation against those with disability, and the elderly.
There are many disabled and elderly people who come to the Tor and need to park close by, even if they cannot climb to the top of the Tor. There are pathways around the edge. This is an ancient sacred site, and part of this countries heritage, disabled and elderly people should be welcomed to access it.
At these times it is absolutely paramount that we stand up for those who are vulnerable in our communities.

There is also speculation as to if this parking bay is being removed to make it easier for Wellhouse Lane to become a through road. Along with plans to direct traffic up between the springs, making it difficult for people to stop to get water.

Liz Leyshon - Where is your justification for taking away the disabled parking bay?
To take away this disabled access bay, goes against your duty as a civil servant to consider all the people in the community and against your duty to consider and adhere to the conditions of the Human Rights Act.

Please email Liz Leyshon letting her know that we as the people do not agree with this ‘development’.
[email protected]

Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury BA6 8BG, UK

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