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To: Police and Crime Commisioner Jason Ablewhite

We need a Police Station in Cambridge City Centre

We need a Police Station in Cambridge City Centre

The Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner, Jason Ablewhite, recently announced that he will be closing Cambridge's city centre police station. The PCC says that instead there will be a central Police Station/Information Point. We don’t want an information point. Our city needs a police station.

We, the undersigned, call on the PCC to commit to retaining a city centre police station in Cambridge with vehicle provision and a 24/7 capacity.

Why is this important?

Cambridge needs a city centre base for our police officers to be able to walk and cycle from, with patrol cars to be able to quickly respond to an emergency situation. Our city is growing fast, and copes with seven million visitors each year already. We need to maintain a high level of police presence on our streets. An information point is simply not good enough.


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Reasons for signing

  • This is, at best, a demented proposal. At worst, a ploy to sell off a prime piece of real estate to some Tory donor. There is a clear need for a significant presence of officers, patrol cars and (hopefully redundant) armed response teams in central Cambridge.
  • Many people would have to pay for a taxi to get to or from a station in Milton. Making the police inaccessible to the poorer/less able people of Cambridge is unfair, and possibly discriminatory.
  • So important we have a central police station in an area where anti-social behaviour needs kept in check particularly as there are a lot of young students living around and the lighting off main roads is now inadequate.


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