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To: The Chartered Institute of Housing.

We Oppose the The Chartered Institute of Housing £250 plus Vat Presidents Dinner

The Chartered Institute of Housing must cancel this lavish dinner.

Why is this important?

The Chartered Institute of Housing is seeking to host a lavish £250 plus VAT Presidents dinner at the very time NO ONE has been held to account for the tragic loss of Baby Telan Stone 11 months and Awark Ishak , this is in truly poor taste at a time in which families have had NO justice, thousands live in homes not fit for purpose whilst its leaders seek to hold a lavish jolly whilst claiming zero funds for repairs whilst Food Banks like We Care is facing closure because Energy and Food hikes mean it needs to raise £25,000 to open and serve its 3000 people and pets in crisis in 2023. This Event should be cancelled and cash saved investing in local food projects and improving tenant's homes.

Across the UK in 2022 young children and babies have died in Social Housing the very sort of housing those most in need depend on and expect decent housing, holding a lavish dinner at a time Social Housing is under such huge and justifiable scrutiny is totally and morale wrong and should NOT go ahead



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