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To: Liverpool City Region’s political leaders

We want minimum standards for Liverpool’s homes!

Commit to embedding the eleven principles laid out in the Healthy Homes Campaign in Liverpool’s future Housing and Spatial Planning strategy.

Why is this important?

2020 demonstrated more than ever the importance of a safe and comfortable home. But too many people suffer in poor quality, even dangerous, houses. And with the government making it easier to build homes without proper local scrutiny, we could be looking at thousands of “slums of the future”.

Liverpool’s local leaders are currently figuring out an ambitious long-term plan for housing right across the region. These decisions will play a huge role in the quality of housing for years to come - and could have a massive influence on the rest of the country too!

That’s why we - the people of Liverpool and its surrounding areas - are demanding that any new housing meets eleven basic principles:

1. Be safe in relation to the risk of fire.
2. Have adequate space.
3. Have access to natural light.
4. Must meet people’s lifetime needs and be adaptable.
5. Be accessible and located in accessible environments.
6. Prioritise walkable services and sustainable transport.
7. Be built in line with the Climate Change Act 2008.
8. Have access to green space and play areas that are accessible to all.
9. Be resilient to a changing climate.
10. Be secure and meet design standards which reduce and prevent crime.
11. Meet standards to eradicate noise pollution.

The eleven principles have been developed by the TCPA (Town and Country Planning Association) as part of their Healthy Homes Campaign. You can read more about them here:


Reasons for signing

  • I'm aware that the main priorities for house building seems to be mini or full size 'mansions' on the little green belt that we have left in Merseyside! It doesn't seem to me to be a correct, let alone ethical, priority in these times of need and straitened circumstance for so many people. Let's get our priorities right and provide our younger and future generations with affordable, sustainable and healthy housing options!
  • With the massive building drive of new unaffordable homes on every spare inch of land that comes anywhere near transport links leading to easy commutable access to HS2, the state of private rental property and social housing in the Merseyside and Greater Manchester areas will only further decline. I have no doubt, those who cannot afford to buy in the London areas will be well able to afford to buy up here. Deeply concerned.
  • Everyone in our city should be able to rely, as basic human right, on having a safe, secure, warm home regardless of age, background, or personal circumstances.


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