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To: Flintshire County Council

We want the number 28 bus and Dave to stay!

We want the number 28 bus and Dave to stay!

To keep the number 28 bus. We go to school on it every day and the driver Dave is very caring. At Christmas he put tinsel up and played Christmas music. It’s our favourite part of the day. Sammi and Serian age 11.

Why is this important?

Lots of people use it, young, old and in between. It goes to the hospital at one end, school at the other and people who don’t have cars need to get there. It’s a happy service and we would not like to get a grumpy driver. We were very nervous about starting big school but it has made our journey much easier.

North Wales

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Reasons for signing

  • An essential bus service to enable travel to the local Welsh university!
  • A single reason to keep this service going is Dave the driver. In the nearly 5 years I’ve been using this service, I have never found him to be anything other than helpful, friendly and utterly professional. When so many drivers from other bigger operators treat their customers with disdain, this guy is an utter legend!
  • I’m gutted to think this service will now be scrapped as getting the train will not get me to work on time. The bus was always busy, so it’s a nonsense decision likely made by some penny pinching clown high up in the council who has no idea of the importance a bus service such as this one has on its community and the people who depend upon it for all different reasons. Sad


2019-03-25 21:09:45 +0000

We are very excited to reach 1000!!! Keep signing...Sammi and Serian x

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1,000 signatures reached

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