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To: Greg Clarke and Martin Glen (FA)

Wembley must stay in English ownership

Wembley must stay in English ownership

Do not sell our Heritage!. Please sign my petition if you feel as passionate about Wembley as I do, thank you..John

Why is this important?

When everything worth having in the UK is being sold off to foreign investors it seems about right that Wembley Football Stadium will be added to the list. But no one seems to realize that its our proud heritage, the one place that all that is good in English football comes together, players and supporters alike, it belongs to Englands proud supporters!. It is said that it would be better to play England games at local Grounds to allow more people to gain access to the matches but nothing is said about Pride, Joy, experience and Atmosphere created all be it expensive taking into account travelling expenses and ticket costs for a very special day, its a day out to be remembered for years to come.
As for Grass Roots Football I am sure that the Premiership teams would not miss a small percentage of the cash allocated by the FA each year if it given to the teams that could benefit from the extra money, and I do not think this will effect premier teams too much as it just means reducing huge payments to players by a small amount knowing that they are helping teams and supporters from the very pool that the future of English football comes from.
Come on Greg Clarke and Martin Glenn football should not be all about making Money, surely there is room for Passion, Heritage, Tradition and our Football History!, not Greed.
Leave Wembley Alone.


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