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To: Our Member of Parliament, Dr A Murrison,

Westbury Community Hospital

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Doreen Pearce
Westbury Community Hospital

When the ‘Save Westbury Hospital Group’ travelled to the House of Commons and met with Dr Murrison, Boris Johnston and Andrew Lansley, they all promised that a Conservative Government would not countenance cottage hospitals being removed from local care and usage.

So would Dr Murrison, please stand up at a imminent Prime Minister’s Question Time, and bring this to the Prime Ministers attention?

BBC TV news coverage this week tells us that there is an imminent need for local beds to alleviate the huge problems faced by ‘bed blocking’.

Why is this important?

If the Prime Minister responds that our hospital is up for sale because of the NHS Property Services Act of 2013 and no longer under NHS Care jurisdiction, can we point out that the web site of the 2013 NHS Act was for the sale of small surgeries, and offices no longer required.

Did Dr Murrison understand the full implications of this act, when it was voted on?

He must now use his position, as our MP, to stop this planning application. for more information.

Westbury Community Hospital, Westbury

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm an urban explorer and I was lucky enough to visit this hospital recently (2017) and I've found that its such an amazing place as it is. this campaign has been going for 2 years now and i feel we just need to leave the building as it is because visiting it was such an amazing day to see all the rooms and all of the old equipment was amazing
  • With the open letter by doctors stating the need for more provision in the NHS. IT seems ridiculous to close any hospitals.
  • I signed because the large hospitals cannot cope with the need for patients that need to be in hospital especially the elderly


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