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What’s Your Carbon Footprint

What’s Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming is a worldwide problem that no one should ignore. The wildfires in Australia and across the USA in the past year along with the recent melting of a Himalayan glacier in northern India are just a few examples that we should not ignore. Unless everyone plays their part in tackling climate change then this ever-growing problem will only get worse.

Why is this important?

About three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions that are attributed to humans come from burning fossil fuels. We burn fossil fuels — non-renewable energy sources — when we transport goods either by planes or huge container ships or operate other vehicles, heat our homes, etc, etc.

Many of us are not aware of where a product was made as the likes of Amazon and eBay do not currently have to mention where something was produced. The same applies to retail stores and supermarkets as they do not have to state where something was produced or grown.

I strongly believe that as consumers we should be given this information so that we can decide if we want to buy something that was made overseas. The carbon footprint for something made in Beijing, China and sold in London, England is a whopping 8,140 km (5,058 miles). For something made or grown in Buenos Aires, Argentina and shipped to London, England its carbon footprint is 11,270 km (7,002 miles).

With your help I can present this petition to the British Parliament and hopefully succeed in getting a Law passed where we are informed of the products Country of origin. If Britain makes it Law, then other countries will surely follow.

Everyone can do their bit to fight climate change and I hope you will take a few seconds of your time to sign this petition.