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To: For all my colleagues and myself that every day we are putting our life at risk by going to work

Whistl keyworkers to be paid 50%more

Whistl keyworkers to be paid 50%more

Whistl is a company that is delivering goods more in this time for all that people that they are staying home and ordering because can't go shopping as the shops are closed. I know that people is depending of us to deliver for them but we should be paid more as we are putting ourselves at risk every day by going to work.

Why is this important?

Good question.. "why is this important?"
Is important because we are human beings as well, we all have family to which are coming home and like this we put them at risk as well, we have friends that we can't visit to not put them as well in danger / all keyworkers are important now because they are supporting the economy and all the needs of the people.

Wallis Way, Bedford MK42 0SF, Regatul Unit

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