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To: Town and county council

Whitchurch skate park redevelopment project

Hampshire has a growing skate and BMX culture. Every day young people are trying to pursue their sport in unsuitable places due to lack of facilities in the area. Young people should be encouraged to participate safely in healthy activities and a skatepark would provide a much needed wheeled sports facility.

Why is this important?

The current skatepark has become outdated. Its age and condition have made it no longer fit for purpose both in usability and safety. The metal ramps that were once standard practice for local parks are now recognised to be dangerous, in damp conditions they are extremely slippery, and in hot weather, they can burn skin from the heat. The rivets holding the ramps together are beginning to fail exposing sharp edges of the metal sheets. We are suggesting a complete redevelopment of the skatepark area in up-to-date building materials, which will be safer and more enjoyable to skate on, last longer and aid beginners and experts of all active sports.

Whitchurch, UK

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