To: Wimbledon Tennis Club

Wimbledon Ditch Plastic Bottles

Wimbledon Ditch Plastic Bottles

Stop supplying players with water and drinks in disposable plastic drinking bottles, switch instead to a reusable method,

Why is this important?

Every second around the world 15,000 plastic drink bottles are sold and the number is steadily rising. Most bottles are not recycled, and a considerable quantity of the plastic ends up in the sea. Much of the fish we eat contains plastic as do most sea birds, who confuse plastic waste with food.
Although plastics are incredibly useful, their overuse is leading to massive environmental problems and it is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic by weight in the oceans than fish.
Use of plastic water bottles in Developing countries is rising rapidly. The richer countries must take a lead and demonstrate a better approach. At the moment Wimbledon tennis club screens images to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world of superstar celebrity tennis players, casually consuming and throwing bottle after bottle away. A plastic Evian bottle is in the foreground during most Wimbledon interviews. Wimbledon should take a visible lead in environmental responsibility by supplying players and others with water served in reusable glass.

Reasons for signing

  • They should just ditch plastic bottles at Wimbledon tennis they should really to help the environment
  • We need to eradicate single use plastic entirely and reduce all use of it wherever we can. We are killing ourselves and future generations with this stuff.
  • Single-use plastics are a waste of resources and it's no exaggeration to say that they are poisoning the world.


2017-07-15 11:17:25 +0100

Notice how Evert Wimbledon interview has a plastic single use Evian bottle prominently on show. They could find a way of providing the water in a re-usable utensil embossed with the Evian logo, keeping their sponsorship.

2017-07-14 21:40:39 +0100

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