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To: Tower Hamlets council and Mayor John Biggs

Withdraw fees and charges at our parks

Withdraw fees and charges at our parks

We, the undersigned, call upon Tower Hamlets Council and its Mayor to withdraw the extortionate new charges being introduced for health, wellbeing and fitness activities (license fee of £1440 for 21 people in Victoria Park and £1080 in all other LBTH parks. £720 and £480 for 3 to 10 people respectively). This new money making scheme - while our council tax, rates and other charges - had been increased dramtically since 2016, particularly in the last few years - will apply to all parks within the borough, including Victoria Park and affect many residents, families, young people and fitness groups.

Why is this important?

During Covid-19 and in general, these health and wellbeing activities are extremely useful and keep people motivated and positive, particularly those who can't afford more expensive ways or want to be close to nature. This money making exercise is regressive, unhelpful and a draconian measure and should not be excused under any guise. Please stop this.

Please sign, share and support.
Maium Miah Talukdar

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • It rains for a good chunk of the year making me seek an indoor venue for my Mum and Baby BuggyFit class. It’s such a shame you can’t pay a monthly fee as I’d only want to use Victoria Park during the summer months. I also want to keep the numbers small to create a covid safe space (crawling babies) so these fees would mean I’d be working for months before I’d make any profit.
  • It will mean a lot to me if you take a few seconds to consider this petition, support if you agree, sign and share with your friends and family. Thank you,


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