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To: Secretary of State for Transport - The Rt Hon Grant Shapps



• Reject the Highways England A27 Worthing and Lancing Improvement Scheme Proposed Option.

• Demand that a relief road / bypass to the north of Worthing / Lancing be immediately considered, costed and taken forward by Highways England / Minister for Transport.

• Believe that Worthing Deserves Better

Why is this important?

Highways England have presented only one option and that utilises the current alignment of the A27.

Our aims are to:

• Achieve a bypass for Worthing, Lancing and Sompting:
• Engage in significant proposals that will change the A27 between the Shoreham Flyover and the A280 Clapham/Patching junction.
• Ensure practicable proposals are acceptable to affected residents and independently verifiable as likely to improve traffic flows.
• Propose improvements to relevant authorities for consideration.
• Oppose dualling the A27 through the Worthing area.

We are non-political. We believe Worthing, Lancing and Sompting deserve better for every resident and business and do not need to be turned from an increasingly attractive and profitable area to one brought to a traffic and economic standstill for years.

West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • This needs to happen once and for all. It's been going on for years and meantime the problem just gets worse !! Sort it Highways England !!!!!
  • Need to end the nightmare traffic in the area - not ggod for the environment, residents and their children and businesses.
  • Worthing needs a relief route to take a percentage of traffic off the current road at peak times. The proposed relief route via Washington is already used by many through travellers at peak times on poor roads and junctions. Some improvements to already dangerous roads would not harm the South Downs, but would improve life for thousands of people daily.


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