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To: Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society planned closure South Elmsall branch

Reconsider closing the South Elmsall branch

Why is this important?

A large number of regular customers don’t have access to the internet and rely on the face to face contact this branch can provide them with to deal with their day to day banking needs.

This branch is only one of two banks remaining on South Elmsall High Street and to see it closed would cause huge difficulties for all the locals who haven’t got the means and ability to travel to other areas to visit a different branch.

For the foreseeable future, due to the current climate and restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people are either unable to, or feel unsafe to travel out of their local area, which would mean they are either unable to access their bank accounts and their funds in their or The Yorkshire Building Society will lose a lot of customers to the only other remaining bank in the village, which would be a shame as many of your locals have been loyal to the YBS for many years.

South Elmsall, Pontefract WF9, UK

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