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To: Penzance Town Council and Cornwall County Council

Youth Centre for Penzance

We ask Cornwall County Council and Penzance Town Council to provide a youth strategy and a permanent Youth Centre in Penzance, including the employment of a skilled, professional youth work staff team.

Why is this important?

Locally and nationally, young people's mental health is in crisis, made worse by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. But, the provision of a safe space for young people in Penzance could be the chance to support, guide and provide opportunities to those in need.

The local councils needs to listen and respond to the needs of young people by providing a youth strategy and youth centre space for the people of Penzance

How it will be delivered

This petition will show community support for a local youth strategy and youth centre . It will be presented to Penzance Town Council and Cornwall County Council for their

Penzance, UK

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