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To: March parish/town council

A crossing for Station Road at North Street

A crossing for Station Road at North Street

Traffic lights with a pedestrian crossing across station road near North Street, traffic calming measures to reduce vehicle speed and a 20mph limit between 0800-0900 hours and 1445-1530 hours to make reduced vehicle speed enforceable at the most risky times.

Why is this important?

Station Road is a Main road through March Town but there is no crossing at all except for one right in the middle of the town. The catchment areas for 2 primary schools mean that many parents and children (including myself with a 2 year old and a 6 year old) have to cross this road daily.
If they were to use the only crossing they would incur a detour which would make the journey to school roughly another mile long or more. Added to this is the fact that a nursery and several childminders are on the school side of the road so a lot of children have to cross a busy road at a busy time of day and it can often take 10-15 minutes extra just to cross this road safely.
There is no route to any other school from my area which would mean children would have to cross a busy road without a dedicated crossing however parents can't get their children into these schools as they are 'not in catchment'. Because of this parents are routinely forced to run the gauntlet of this road with their children or to use their cars to get their children safely to school (which isn't particularly friendly to the pocket, the environment or our children's health).

How it will be delivered

I plan to deliver the petition by email


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