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To: Government

Zero tolerance for the spread of Covid19!

Zero tolerance for the spread of Covid19!

I propose that the UK identifies every Covid19 infection, traces all contacts and isolates them to prevent transmission. Every Covid19 infection poses an unacceptable risk of death at any age.

Why is this important?

Our leaders need to see a strong message that we want a zero tolerance approach to Covid19. I am an NHS GP who sees first hand the damage to patients, colleagues and our economy. I feel strongly we must work harder to protect the general public, healthcare workers and vulnerable patients, who remain extremely exposed. The infection is indiscriminate with unacceptable death rates in all ages and ethnic groups. Every life is precious and this level of risk is unacceptable for people in the modern world.
Good protective equipment combined with isolating cases and contacts can keep control. We can ease lockdown with appropriate social distancing and home working depending on evidence of control being maintained. We would then avoid a second wave. There are other benefits from reductions in many other contagious diseases particularly in children.
This buys time saving thousands of lives and allowing more business activity while we research treatments and vaccines.
Control is successful in other countries that act with zero tolerance.
Please sign this petition to show our leaders that we feel strongly that the best way we can protect everyone from this deadly infection is zero tolerance to Covid19!


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