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    Both my sons went to Castle Nursery School a few years ago and I can't tell you how amazing this nursery is, they gave my boys the very best start to their school lives and Ofsted rate them as 'outstanding' too. Our children deserve the best as they only get one chance. Every parent should have the choice to send their children to and outstanding provider if they wish. But not only this Castle Nursery is also in the Arboretum Ward which is the most disadvantaged area in Derby and currently does not have enough childcare places for the children living in the ward. Derby City Council should be making residents aware that they can access this oustanding nursery not taking it away just because families don't know about the nursery or don't know they are entitled to 15hrs free childcare. Please help me make Derby City Council accountable for their decisions and make it known that we are not going to let them take away yet another invaluable provision just because they have mismanaged their budget. Thank you
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    Created by GM Hall
  • Save Moorways Swimming Pool
    Swimming is an essential skill that can save lives, promote better health, and be an enjoyable hobby for all people, of any age, gender, or cultural background. For example, disabled people with limited land movement particularly find swimming an essential activity. If this pool closes, the sole remaining one is far too small to cope with everyone who would wish to use it, services would have to be limited there, to allow for lessons, clubs, and a reasonable amount of time still allocated to public use. Derby is a city of approx 250,000 people, one public swimming pool in town is not enough. There has been other options and suggestions made by local people, but they feel that their opinions are being ignored.
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    Created by Mark Stewart
  • Petition to save Wolverhampton deaf services
    Wolverhampton deaf advice service at citizens advice bureau have made a decision to cut funding for supporting the deaf community. I can't believe the government keeps cutting valuable services like this. Without the deaf advice service at citizens advice bureau in UK the deaf community would be suffer, as many of us can't hear or use English fluently, as our first language is British Sign Language (BSL). Please support the deaf advice service at Wolverhampton. We need to make it known to the government and Wolverhampton Council that it would be impact to close any deaf services.
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    Created by Sophie Iliffe
    The Peak District National Park is reputed to be the 2nd most visited national park in the world and when you visit this area it’s not hard to understand why, the area is truly breath-taking and living in the Peak District is a real privilege. Sadly not everyone who comes to the Peak District wants to enjoy the peace and serenity that the area offers. The area is under continuous assault by off road enthusiasts who come in significant numbers to rally up and down lanes and bridal ways for recreational sport, these off roaders have learned that if a footpath has ever been used by a horse and cart since the early 18oos they can apply to have the use changed from a footpath to a byway or even worse a Byway Open to All Traffic. To upgrade existing footpaths to byways of any designation blurs the distinction of what is permissible. Even the description of a route which allows for ‘limited use’ by motorised vehicles clouds the issue and implies some right of vehicular access. As we have seen in many cases across the national park – abuse of restricted byways by those seeking out green lanes to drive across, is a common fact. There is no meaningful policing of these routes as the police do not view such transgressions as a priority. This is detrimental to the fabric and essence of the national park and as the authorities have no power to overrule these decisions the applications virtually always get approval as the law is on the side of the applicant. It is an antiquated law that needs to change as a matter of urgency. At the very least - any national park should have special provisions to overrule decisions which will affect these beautiful areas, currently they do not have this power. We must make sure that these areas are left as we found them for future generations to enjoy in the same way, but once these paths are opened up to broader definitions of traffic, the effects and devastation are substantial. I will list a few below: 1. Erosion rapidly sets in and the ground is constantly churned up by powerful motorbikes, 4x4s, – causing once minimal footpaths to become broad lanes 2. The native wildlife and flora habitats are destroyed (some of these are rare or protected species) 3. Peat bog lands are reduced to slurry 4. Some off roaders not content with the path they have, widen their riding area in search of greater challenges, creating more damage 5. Local residents and tourists suffer as a result of the noise these machines bring to the area 6. Green lane traffic poses a danger to walkers and visitors due to the speed and aggression that some apply whilst in the area 7. Once the area is sufficiently churned up, the ground becomes unstable and when the heavy rains of winter start, the degrading effect happens much faster and the lands begins to wash away 8. Neither environmental impact nor local opposition are taken into consideration on decisions to redefine footpaths within the national park because the authorities are simply complying with the letter of the law 9. The number of routes designated as simple, peaceful footpaths within the national park reduces as the definitions are upgraded to encourage more forms of transport. The argument against this is huge and a book could be written about the devastating impact to the area, obviously we can’t do this here and indeed the applicants for this will have their own arguments about why they should have access to the land. Our decision to fight this is not because we don’t like the people who carry out this sport it’s because we value our countryside as it should be. We will add that a large number of disused quarries and certain farmlands charge a small fee for riders to enjoy the ultimate off road experience in purpose-made environments so why on earth would you want to ruin nature at its very best Please support and share with your friends
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    Created by KEVIN G
  • Derby City Council, please provide treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder!
    We are pleased to inform everyone that DBT is now available to those in Derby City. All Derby City and Derby County psychological services are now under the same bracket and receive funding from the same pot, so DBT is no longer classed as an external service. This means that Derby City residents with BPD can be referred for an assessment for the service via their CPN or psychiatrist. This change has been in progress for a while now, and would have happened despite our campaign. Nevertheless, as a result of this campaign many more people will now be aware of the treatment and that this service is available. More importantly, we have raised awareness of BPD and that there is hope for those with the condition. Breaking down stigma surrounding BPD is what Borderline is all about, and thanks to the campaign and the support of Unite the Union, especially the Derby Unite Community Branch, have certainly helped to do this. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved, as you have all played a big part in making this happen. Once again, thank you!!
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    Created by Colin Stuart