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To: Wolverhampton Council and Wolverhampton Citizens Advice Bureau

Petition to save Wolverhampton deaf services

Petition to save Wolverhampton deaf services

Re assess their decision to cut the funding for deaf services.

***Update from 38 Degrees***
On 21st October Big Lottery Fund announced that they'll support "a project that will recruit and train profoundly deaf people who have British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language, to deliver advice and support to the deaf community in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Derby and Coventry."

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Why is this important?

Wolverhampton deaf advice service at citizens advice bureau have made a decision to cut funding for supporting the deaf community. I can't believe the government keeps cutting valuable services like this.

Without the deaf advice service at citizens advice bureau in UK the deaf community would be suffer, as many of us can't hear or use English fluently, as our first language is British Sign Language (BSL).

Please support the deaf advice service at Wolverhampton. We need to make it known to the government and Wolverhampton Council that it would be impact to close any deaf services.


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Reasons for signing

  • Isn't it obvious? Because I'm disgusted, that's why! Deaf people deserve equal access to everything just like every other human being does. Stop treating them like they don't matter. BSL users have equal rights just like any other person, to be communicated with in their own language!
  • It is absolutely crucial to have a service have an innate understanding what it means to be deaf, understand the deaf barriers/communication and so on...otherwise it'll mean that we deaf people have to provide deaf awareness before we receive the advice we wanted in the first place......
  • There are many useful supportive benefits and information but most of the time Deaf people are the last to know. Wolverhampton Deaf people deserve to get on with their lives with clearly understood information, be better citizens.


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