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To: Derby City Council



We the undersigned whole heartedly disagree with the proposal to close Castle Nursery School. We strongly believe that the proposal to close Castle Nursery School would be detrimental to the future of Derby's children, their families, their wider community and all stakeholders touched by the nursery's 'outstanding' provision and staff.

Why is this important?

Both my sons went to Castle Nursery School a few years ago and I can't tell you how amazing this nursery is, they gave my boys the very best start to their school lives and Ofsted rate them as 'outstanding' too. Our children deserve the best as they only get one chance. Every parent should have the choice to send their children to and outstanding provider if they wish. But not only this Castle Nursery is also in the Arboretum Ward which is the most disadvantaged area in Derby and currently does not have enough childcare places for the children living in the ward. Derby City Council should be making residents aware that they can access this oustanding nursery not taking it away just because families don't know about the nursery or don't know they are entitled to 15hrs free childcare. Please help me make Derby City Council accountable for their decisions and make it known that we are not going to let them take away yet another invaluable provision just because they have mismanaged their budget. Thank you

How it will be delivered

The end date for this petition is Monday 13th April 2015, it will then send to Derby City Council just before the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 15th April for their final decision on the fate of Castle Nursery School

Castle Nursery School, Copeland Street, Derby

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Reasons for signing

  • Government Cuts are affecting the most vulnerable people in society - is that the intention? If this is a democracy our children matter, every child matters!


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