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  • Lets Untrash Cornwall
    Plastic waste is persistent in the environment, highly toxic and poisons marine animals. It is working up the whole marine food chain to the extent that autopsies performed on beached whales and dolphins reveal a huge amount of damage to all organs. Unless action is taken immediately the seas and oceans will be a toxic soup. Already some areas of the Pacific are so contaminated that the mortality rate amongst sea birds and mammals is high and even albatross chicks have abdomens full of discarded plastic waste.
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    Created by Lindsay Southcombe
  • Dog owner licensing
    Dog attacks on humans and other dogs are increasing. Specific breeds are not attacking people or animals across the breed, but irresponsible owners causing problems
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    Created by Andrew Lee
  • Increase Britain's State pension in line with British prosperity or inflation whichever the higher.
    Its important because our elderly people should be able to live in dignity in their old age, and not have to endure means testing for State handouts. Tony Blair's New Labour Government in 1997 did not reverse Margaret Thatcher's 1980 State pensions policy.
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    Created by Michael Thompson