To: Jo Johnson - Minister of State for Universities and Science

Maintain UK science funding

Maintain UK science funding

Ensure that UK science continues to receive all the funding that is currently provided by the EU.

Why is this important?

The UK is one of the science power-houses in the world. We attract and produce some of the best scientists and contribute greatly to increasingly important scientific areas including cancer, bacterial resistance, renewable energy and food research as well as a whole host of research areas that span all areas of science, technology and engineering.
Leaving the EU has the worrying potential to restrict the amount of funding these research areas get, causing the UK to fall behind in world leading research but also slowing scientific progress. The UK
is part of EU funded projects such as Horizon 2020.
As a PhD student in cancer research I have seen first hand in the labs the reaction to the UK leaving the EU. Everyone is worried about what this means for science here and whether we'll be able to maintain our excellent work. This petition is to raise awareness in the hope that we can get a deal whereby scientists and funding can move between countries as easily as possible in order for research to progress as it always has done.

Reasons for signing

  • As the petition says we need to maintain the boiler house of innovation in the UK to support and feed British industry
  • We have world-leading Universities - my daughter is about to start a EU funded PhD in Engineering that could bring about major cost savings to the world.
  • My son is part of a research programme at GOSH without funding this would not be possible


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