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  • Poole
    Save Poole Hospital A&E and Maternity
    Our A&E and Maternity units at Poole Hospital are essential for local people. The road networks between Poole and Bournemouth are dismal and travel times are very unpredictable, particularly during the summer season. This means that the proposal for closure of these essential departments is extremely worrying. Local A&E staff, paramedics, doctors, midwives and police all have deep concerns about these departments being closed or relocated since longer journey times can put lives at risk. Poole Maternity unit currently caters for mums from a wide geographical area and travelling to the proposed new site in Bournemouth would be time consuming for pregnant women and their families which could potentially result in delays in treatment and care. Poole Hospital needs to keep its successful maternity service so it can continue to provide safe and effective care to the community. Other departments within Poole Hospital will also be put at risk if the A&E unit closes including Paediatric and Neo-Natal care - this is appalling for local people. A&E and Maternity units are vital services for patients - why should people in Poole be put at risk by poorly thought through and misguided cost-cutting like this? PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS.
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    Created by Sean Perrin
  • Weston-super-Mare
    Save Weston-super-Mare General Hospital Accident and Emergency Department
    Weston Super Mare General Hospital A & E needs to stay open 24 - 7 as the population in Weston and the surrounding areas are growing all the time! With loads of new houses being built and thousands of tourists that visit weston every year!
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    Created by Robert Blackmore
  • Belper
    Save Babington Hospital
    Babington Hospital in Belper could be closed and services moved if plans are given the green light. Babington Hospital was completed in 1840 and has provided cherished care for thousands of Derbyshire people ever since, from newly born babies to older people who need care and support. This includes numerous clinics and rehabilitation services for patients, before they return home, in a caring and safe environment. The CQC inspection of May 2014 said Babington is Safe, Caring, Effective, Well-led and Responsive to patients needs. Belper and the surrounding areas NEED Babington Hospital to remain as it is; an NHS service for local people. If these services could be replicated or improved upon, in an equally accessible local place, consideration to such a plan may be possible.
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    Created by Mary Dwyer
  • Banbury
    Save the Horton Hospital (Banbury, Oxfordshire)
    The board of the Oxford university hospital NHS foundation trust maintain that their impending downgrading of the maternity unit at the Horton Hospital, Banbury is due to no suitable doctors being available, news has also been released that two trauma doctors have resigned their posts. An investigation of the advertised posts in the trust show no indication of these posts being available. Downgrading of services at this local district general hospital, without any upgrading of services in the area's ambulance trust or the 'main' hospital in Oxford will inevitably mean sick / injured people being transported in unsuitable conditions for 30+ miles through some of the most congested roads in southern England to a hospital that will be overstretched trying to deal with a workload it was never designed for. This situation was totally avoidable and is no indication of a civilised country in the 21st century, those responsible should be bought to account
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    Created by Tony Roberts
  • Rothbury
    Save Rothbury Hospital from closure.
    The Save Rothbury Hospital Campaign believe that the suspension of in-patient services at Rothbury is having significant adverse consequences for our local population. We want to protect this precious and valuable resource. We ask the NHSCCG and NHS Foundation Trust to think with their hearts - not with their wallets. The immediate effects the sudden closure are: 1. Patients are not being admitted to a low tech facility close to home. This will cause a higher rate of acute admissions to the new Cramlington hospital. 2. Patients are unable to return to a low tech facility for rehabilitation, and discharge planning, close to home after an acute admission elsewhere. 3. Most crucially of all - we are left with no facility to provide end of life care for patients close to home, if circumstances, including patient choice, mean they cannot be cared for in their own homes. The people who are suffering (and will continue to suffer) as a result of this heartless decision are our frail and vulnerable residents of Rothbury and Coquetdale. We refuse to allow this to happen - we care about all of our people.
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    Created by Katie Scott
  • Save North Devon District Hospital's Services
    Devon healthcare is being placed under special measures, to cut a predicted financial shortfall of £440m by 2020. Government identifies the position as an overspend. Special measures for reducing this overspend, drawn up in guidelines titled the Success Regime, are set to re-configure services at many Devon hospitals. North Devon District Hospital, in Barnstaple, is the largest in North Devon, currently with elective and acute services. The Success Regime does not rule out that Acute services of A&E, Maternity, Stroke, and Paediatrics could disappear. Senior figures in the local healthcare system have said it is extremely unlikely that these services would be withdrawn but at the same time we have been told that "there are no red lines" meaning that anything could happen. NHSEngland is trying to push changes through as fast as possible. If these services are lost, local people would have to travel to Exeter or Plymouth for treatment. For very many these hospitals are over an hour or more away; very serious complications and deaths could and would occur. Even if acute services are maintained, despite plans to increase care at home, other services will doubtless also be affected meaning unacceptable wait and travel times for routine surgery such as hip and knee replacement Cross-party Campaigners against such closures read the situation as underfunding rather than overspending and are protesting the loss of services vitally important to the region. Because of its rural nature Devon is suffering more than most, but cuts like these are taking place across the country. We want Government to re-think their health care strategy which at present is far from clear and transparent, with NHS England taking funding from budgets for public health, education and training, capital spend and national bodies such as NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). Spending in these areas is being cut by more than £3 billion over the next five years with very little information on how this decrease in spending will be managed. Rather than cutting vital services and thereby opening the door for privatized health care, the government should be having free and frank discussion about increasing funding for healthcare to include such measures as an hypothecated healthcare tax, more efficient tax collection, compulsory insurance contributions and taxes on harmful products like tobacco and sugar. A Protest DEMONSTRATION, drawing a RED LINE around our hospital services, will be held 23 August. Meet at Pilton Park 10.00am or outside Barnstaple Hospital 10.30-12.30pm. Please come along. Wear red, bring red ribbon. For more information
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    Created by Rosemary Haworth-Booth
  • Harrogate
    Keep All Services at Dewsbury District Hospital
    The consultant led services, for mums giving birth in the conurbation around Dewsbury, are due to be moved to Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield, in September 2016, to be replaced by a midwife led unit with 6 beds. Often mums in labour do not call an ambulance, but travel to hospital independently, via car or public transport. I would not want to travel from Cleckheaton or Birkenshaw to Pinderfields on the bus. Other women with no car may feel the same which will mean more calls for ambulances. The midwife led unit is for low risk births only, so first time mums should be directed to Pinderfields which will be dealing with higher risk births from the North Kirklees AND Wakefield areas. Will this not put a strain on the resources in Wakefield? Just after the Government Body rejected the Kirklees and Wakefield Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (JHOSC) Report that the changes to Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust's Dewsbury District Hospital site were not in the best interests of the local population, the Daily Mail published a study showing that the death rate amongst inpatients at nearby hospitals, went up, when Newark A&E was closed. A large study in America also came to this conclusion. Shockingly, news has broken that Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is also earmarked for closure and replacement by an Urgent Care Centre. Pontefract Hospital has also just been redesignated an Urgent Care Centre. The resulting scenario of driving seriously ill patients in ambulances across the region and subsequent overcrowding in hospitals which have a fully functioning A&E will have a knock on effect for patients around the whole region of West Yorkshire and beyond, Barnsley for example and Oldham. We know Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust is facing 'winter pressures' and it is mid summer! Why do the CCGs and Trusts not get together and tell this 'democratically elected' government to stop the NHS vanity projects and fully fund front line services? This is what happened in a neighbouring hospital in London, when Chase Farm hospital was closed. Strategic Projects team
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    Created by Keep All Services At Dewsbury Hospital
  • Save Bury NHS walk-in centres
    The walk in medical centres in Bury and Prestwich are under threat. A consultation is underway to look into whether or not they should be closed. We're asking the government to provide Bury with enough money to keep the centres open. If enough of us sign the petition to keep them open, health minister Jeremy Hunt might just have to listen. 67,752 of us use the centres every year, and closing them would put a real strain on other local services, like the A&E department. They alleviate A&E workload and serve the community well.
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    Created by Jay Millington
  • Wakefield
    Stop Closure Of Wrenthorpe Local Surgery
    Outwood surgery are going to put out a consultation document in reference to closing Wrenthorpe Surgery. I believe they have already decided to close the surgery as they have been running it down for at least the last two years, a worry that I have expressed to my local councillor on regular occasions. The reasons for closing the surgery are purely monetary, no matter what they say. I believe that it is part of the "privatisation of the NHS" policy by selling off NHS properties. Make no mistake that this will also end up in the closure of our local chemist which will cause an extra burden on the sick and elderly in Wrenthorpe. This will not only affect Wrenthorpe but will be part of a bigger issue that will see centralisation of doctors services throughout the Wakefield area based purely on financial interests.. We must make a stand now. Stop the creeping privatisation of "OUR" NHS
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    Created by David McLeod
  • Glossop
    Save Our Shirehill Hospital
    It is the only hospital left in Glossop. The people of Glossop have to travel 7 miles on an extremely busy route to their nearest A&E hospital at Ashton under Lyne. Shire Hill provides excellent care in the community as well as a thriving pysiotherapy unit.
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    Created by Jane Parkin