To: Southern Derbyshire Commissioning Group

Save Babington Hospital

Keep Babington Hospital open and providing all the health care facilities it currently provides until any alternative provision is in place, which would be as easily accessible and as good, if not better, than the current service.

Why is this important?

Babington Hospital was completed in 1840 and has provided cherished care for thousands of Derbyshire people ever since, from newly born babies to older people who need care and support. This includes numerous clinics and rehabilitation services for patients, before they return home, in a caring and safe environment. The CQC inspection of May 2014 said Babington is Safe, Caring, Effective, Well-led and Responsive to patients needs. Belper and the surrounding areas NEED Babington Hospital to remain as it is; an NHS service for local people. If these services could be replicated or improved upon, in an equally accessible local place, consideration to such a plan may be possible.

Babington Hospital, Derby Road, Belper

Reasons for signing

  • Services cannot continue to be cut, once they're gone that's it. You might not need it now but one day you might
  • I was born here, my sister was too and she works there. My grandma died there Means a lot to the people of Belper.
  • As a visitor to the hospital with our 5 month old daughter, Babbington is essential to us. We have no way to reach nearby facilities like Ashbourne or even Derby without Bus travel (which is very expensive these days!)


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