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To: Jeremy Hunt & Bury CCG

Save Bury NHS walk-in centres

24/11/17 We won!

Great news, the walk in centres are saved! Thank you so much for signing!

The health body announced the news in a tweet, saying: “The two current Walk-in Centre services in Bury and Prestwich will continue to provide existing services beyond March 2018, whilst the future model for urgent care is developed.”

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Provide Bury with enough money to keep the Bury and Prestwich walk-in centres open.

Why is this important?

The walk in medical centres in Bury and Prestwich are under threat. A consultation is underway to look into whether or not they should be closed. We're asking the government to provide Bury with enough money to keep the centres open. If enough of us sign the petition to keep them open, health minister Jeremy Hunt might just have to listen. 67,752 of us use the centres every year, and closing them would put a real strain on other local services, like the A&E department.

They alleviate A&E workload and serve the community well.




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