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38 Degrees Skipton ...

is an independent local group, that has come together under the banner of 38 Degrees, to create a group voice, which is issue led rather than party political. We now have a blog which is acting as a diary at... http://38degreesskipton.wordpress.com We have links with Keighley 38 Degrees and share a Facebook page 38 Degrees - Airedale where we post articles about current issues - this is open to anyone to join and is a great source of information. ------------------------------------------------------ https://www.facebook.com/groups/38degreesairedale/ No meetings planned just now. Meetings usually second Sunday in the month at Choux Choux Cafe Keighley which Judith and I attend. The Keighley group is active on the NHS front and works with and supports Leeds KONP. They are also involved in Keighley's fight against an incinerator. AVAI - Aire Valley against the incinerator. Other issues are discussed and information shared. We have supported the anti fracking protest at Preston New Road. The idea for Skipton Refugee Support Group was first aired at a small 38 Degrees meeting in Skipton. This is now a large separate group.
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Viv Dawson
Judith Joy

38 Degrees Truro And Falmouth

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns. To do that, we may need to practice among ourselves first, by being completely open to other groups, interests and agendas that we may not at first accept as being 'our values'. For example, does it matter if someone votes Conservative so long as they really care about the community they live in? I think not. We should work with all sections of the community if we want to see a re-invigorated democracy that allows everyone to speak. Our current concerns are: the privatisation of the NHS; corporate tax evasion and Climate Change.
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Gavin Barker


Lancaster & Morecambe District - 38 Degrees Our local 38 Degrees group brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you, promoting a local focus relevant to the people in the Lancaster and Morecambe District.We aim to promote engagement in the democratic process through involvement in local and national issues and campaigns. The local 38 Degrees group can help with: coordinating both local 38 degrees members and existing groups around common issues. PLEASE NOTE: to receive regular digest updates along with brief reports from meetings contact email: (subject, SIGN ME UP ) 38deglancaster@gmail.com Attending meetings is not for everyone, get engaged with fellow members through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/38degreeslancaster/ Our new website dedicated to local action is to be found here: www.activate38.uk
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Mick Dunn
Norm Tresadern

38 Degrees Loughborough

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns. Email: 38degreeslboro@gmail.com Facebook: @38DegreesLboro Twitter: @38DegreesLBoro Website: www.38deglboro.co.uk
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Gill Bolton
Emma Ward
1 Other

38 Degrees St Ives

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns.
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Michelle Brown
Anthony Matthews

38 Degrees Chelsea and Fulham

We are the local group for Chelsea and Fulham. We campaign on issues in our local area (including Hammersmith) and national issues. Join us! Email: 38DegreesFulham@gmail.com Twitter: @38DegsFulChel
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Julia Campbell
John Furse
1 Other

38 Degrees Dewsbury and surrounding areas.

Our local group aims to enliven democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns. Anyone can be a 38 Degrees member. We’re united by a set of shared values; to defend fairness, protect rights, promote peace, preserve the planet and deepen democracy.
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Christine Hyde
Julie Battison

Wycombe 38 Degrees

Linking like-minded people around High Wycombe to create positive change. WE are going to change the UK for the better, starting now, here.
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Glenn Abbott
John Bajina

38 Degrees Wirral West

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns.
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Adrian Jackson
Frank McEntaggart

A group for 38 Degrees local organisers

This is the place for 38 Degrees local organisers to share ideas, advice and support.
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Nicola Kirton