Local Groups

38 Degrees Harrow

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns. If you're a 38 Degrees member and you live in the London Borough of Harrow, you'll know that there are plenty of issues to address here, such as - pressure on underfunded health and social services - housing shortages and rogue landlords - development threats to our Green Belt - neglect of our streets and parks - loss of our libraries, children's centres, arts facilities, voluntary sector support...... And that's not to mention the national and international scene of social injustices, like tax loopholes; trade deals and policies favouring corporate profits over people and the environment; weapon mongering; the undermining of basic human rights in all corners of the globe. Plus, now that we've got Brexit to add to the equation, we've got a lot of unanswered questions about the effects that our withdrawal from the EU is likely to have on Harrow, London, the rest of Britain and other European citizens, well into the future. Join us if you want to help make a difference.
52 Members
Linda Robinson
Chris Padwick

38 Degrees Sevenoaks

Our local group has come together around the election in Sevenoaks but want to get active locally now and into the future. Come join, help us stand up to TTIP, Fracking as well as local concerns.
46 Members
38 Degrees 38 Degrees
Samantha Evans

Calderdale 38 Degrees Campaign Group, Halifax

Our local group aims to get actively involved in local and national campaigns fighting for democracy and transparency. We have monthly meetings to plan our campaigns, and we attend CCG and Council Scrutiny Panel meetings to ask questions and bear witness to the dismantling of local health services. We also hold regular information stalls in the local area to hand out information to the public and to get signatures on petitions against local health closures. We are always looking for new members and welcome anyone to join, We are apolitical and do not discuss our political views unless they will further the cause.
40 Members
Stephanie Clarke
rosemary hedges

Keep Our NHS Public Cornwall

We campaign against the privatisation of the NHS and for adequate funding. The group was formed, in part, by two 38 Degrees groups, from St. Austell and North Cornwall.
39 Members
Ellen Hawley

West and South Dorset

Our main campaign initially will be to oppose the many changes to Dorset's NHS facilies being planned under the Dorset Clinical Services Review.
34 Members
Chris East

38 Degrees Beeston

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns. The 38 Degrees Beeston group aims to focus on the impact locally of central and local government policies and legislation, with a view to raising awareness and undertake activity on these key issues in the Beeston area.
33 Members
Caroline Robinson

38 Degrees East Lothian

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns.
18 Members
Simon Biggs

38 Degrees Dover - Lets Get On With It

To meet and work with likeminded people who do not have a political, religious etc agenda. who care about our community, our country and our planet, who would like to develop into human beings who can be respected, believed and trusted on issues for all at a local level. With an ear and an eye for all that is important or things that just simply need to be done. LETS GET ON WITH IT
18 Members
Sophia Maxx

38 Degrees St Austell And Newquay

Our local group aims to re-boot democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns.
16 Members
Sharon Sisson

38 Degrees Wansbeck

Our local group aims to support democracy and to get involved in local and national campaigns to stop its erosion.
13 Members
Albert Jones