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To: Bromley Council

20 is plenty for Bromley

20 is plenty for Bromley

We ask Bromley Council to adopt a 20mph speed limit on residential streets and its high streets and town centres.

Why is this important?

Bromley has the highest proportion of road casualties that occur on its residential roads of any London borough. Making our residential streets safe for pedestrians, children, the elderly, people who are cycling and people with disabilities needs to be a priority.

A 20mph limit for all residential roads in Bromley will help make our streets safer and more liveable as well as improving air quality. As of November 2017 10 London boroughs now have 20mph limits on their residential streets and in their town centres and high streets. (

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Bromley Council

London Borough of Bromley

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Reasons for signing

  • 20mph has made other parts of London less stressful and feel safer for all road users, drivers included
  • To save lives
  • Something needs to be be done


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