To: Wiltshire Council

20's Plenty in Rural Wiltshire

20's Plenty in  Rural  Wiltshire

Local residents should be able to walk, cycle and live in their communties without fear. This is good for the well being of local residents and the environment.
We call on Wiltshire Council to implement life saving 20mph limits outside of all Wiltshire schools and residental areas, also through villages within the County.

Why is this important?

20mph speed limits should be the norm in communties in Wiltshire, making them nicer, safer and healthier places to live.
Many forward thinking Councils already have widespread 20mph limits and Wiltshire Council should follow their example.

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • 20mph reduced accidents and casualties in Salisbury and should be implemented widely in Wiltshire to encourage and make walking and cycling safer
  • Slowing vehicles will encourage people to walk and cycle more. This will be brilliant both for local communities and their visitors.
  • I am a strong believer in the 20's Plenty campaign and am supporting my local one in Kent. I believe it will make the town safer for everyone and encourage more walking and cycling. As a frequent visitor to the village of Fovant in Wiltshire I give this campaign my support too.