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To: Prime Minister B. Johnson, Members of Parliament, Secretary of State Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, all local councils, Vodafone Group Plc, BT Plc and Telefónica, S.A and other mobile service providers operating in the UK

5G - Suspend and review rollout of 5G infrastructure

Cease 5G mobile phone infrastructure rollout until health concerns are properly investigated

Why is this important?

5G infrastructure requires thousands of antennas and small cell towers to operate effectively. They use high frequency millimetre waves (“MMWs”).

Over 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations who have published research in the field have appealed to the United Nations calling for urgent action to reduce these ever growing wireless exposures and they wrote the FCC for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G citing the serious risks to human health and the environment (

Given the ongoing discussions regarding the science and health issues around the rollout of 5G infrastructure, we call on the government and mobile phone service providers and their contractors to cease and desist from any rollout of 5G until independent peer reviewed research proves that 5G is safe for humans, plants and animals without any adverse effects.

This petition is being run by a member of the public, and not the 38 Degrees team.

How it will be delivered

I will arrange to deliver the petition to Downing Street and to each of the companies who are being petitioned.



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Do see the article below.

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In relation to the posts below, do start at the bottom and read upwards to see the flow of the information.

2019-08-13 22:30:29 +0100

“It would irradiate everyone, including the most vulnerable to harm from radiofrequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill.” - Ronald Powell, PhD, Letter to FCC on 5G expansion.

We are all set to be lab rats in a giant 5G experiment. Who wants to visit their loved ones in hospital while their neighbour plays an enhanced game in the park or their fridge talks to a computer at Sainsburys to order more milk.

It is time for our government to stand up for us, suspend the 5G rollout and review not simply the ICNIRP guidelines, but also the criticisms to them. Brussels has suspended their 5G rollout pending investigations into health concerns. We must too and I call on the government to do so.


2019-08-13 22:30:12 +0100

Articles are beginning to proliferate branding anyone who questions the institutional orthodoxy of safe mobile phone use as believers of conspiracy theories. But a few experts are speaking out.

One such complaining voice is Dr. Martin Pall, the WSU Professor Emeritus, who has done some research on the mechanism of how wireless radiation causes harm in our cells. He says that “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”.

“The plans to beam highly penetrative 5G milliwave radiation at us from space must surely be one of the greatest follies ever conceived of by mankind. There will be nowhere safe to live.” - Olga Sheean former WHO employee and author of ‘No Safe Place’.

2019-08-13 22:29:58 +0100

The ICNIRP argue that the thousands of peer-reviewed studies that have found harmful biologic or health effects from chronic exposure to non-thermal levels of EMF are insufficient to warrant stronger safety guidelines. There are some fundamental criticisms of these guidelines, not least of which is that these guidelines were set for short term exposure and not for long term exposure to EMFs. The guidelines are, therefore, outdated and not fit for purpose.

5G will use pulsed millimeter waves to carry information. But as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading because they do not pulse the waves. This is important because research on microwaves already tells us how pulsed waves have more profound biological effects on our body compared to non-pulsed waves. Previous studies, for instance, show how pulse rates of the frequencies led to gene toxicity and DNA strand breaks.

2019-08-13 22:29:41 +0100

The denser soup of electrosmog from the 5G infrastructure would threaten our planet’s atmosphere with the burning of tons of fossil fuels to put the thousands of 5G short life satellites into the sky and damage our ecosystems by affecting bird and bee health.

Over 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations who have published research in the field have appealed to the United Nations calling for urgent action to reduce these ever growing wireless exposures and they wrote the FCC for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G citing the serious risks to human health and the environment.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a non- governmental organization (NGO) based in Germany with self-selected members, has issued guidelines which remain essentially unchanged since 1998. They do not allow for the recognition of radio frequency microwave radiation and MMWs as harmful unless there is a heating effect.

2019-08-13 22:29:25 +0100

In addition, MMWs may cause our pain receptors to flare up in recognition of the waves as damaging stimuli. The US Department of Defense already uses a crowd-dispersal method called the Active Denial System, in which MMWs are directed at crowds to make their skin feel like it’s burning. It also has the ability to basically microwave populations to death from afar with this technology if they choose to do so. And the telecommunications industry wants to fill our atmosphere with MMWs?

Tests of MMW on animals have shown rare forms of tumour in the brain and heart, DNA damage, damage to the eyes and immune system, thermal injuries to the eyes with thermal effects reaching below the eye’s surface, damage to cell growth rate and even bacterial resistance.

2019-08-13 22:28:42 +0100

Over 90% of microwave radiation is absorbed by the human skin which basically acts as an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation. Disquieting as this may sound, it’s generally considered acceptable so long as the violating wavelengths are greater than the skin layer’s dimensions. But MMW’s violate this condition.

Furthermore, the sweat ducts in the skin’s upper layer act like helical antennas, which are specialised antennas constructed specifically to respond to electromagnetic fields. With millions of sweat ducts, and 5G’s increased RFR needs, it stands to reason that our bodies will become far more conductive to this radiation. The full ramifications of this fact are presently unclear, especially for more vulnerable members of the public (e.g, babies, pregnant women, the elderly).