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To: Bristol City Council & Mayor Marvin Rees

A city-wide ban on single-use disposable plastics

We the undersigned call for the Mayor to take all practical steps* to make Bristol an exemplar disposable plastic-free city.
Single use, disposable plastics such as polystyrene takeaway containers and plastic cups are a cause of litter, a waste of resources, and a problem for future generations. They waste fossil fuels and create unsightly streets, and their persistence causes untold harm for wildlife on land and at sea.
While accepting that there are a few cases where single-use plastics are essential, such as in medical treatment, for most uses there are alternatives. But to achieve this, many people have to play their part, including users, traders, and those organising events and providing services in the city.
The Council needs to play a leading role as champion, active supporter, regulator, and service provider in ending the prevalence of single use, disposable plastics. We the undersigned therefore call on the Mayor of Bristol to support and enforce a ban on single use plastic packaging and containers, including through events licensing, as a provider of services, as a partner working with other organisations, and through media and education.
* Things the Mayor can do include:
Specifying how the council’s own events and facilities are run – setting a better example!
Changing events rules.
Procurement choices that specify alternatives.
Helping bulk buy compostable packaging for traders via Bristol Waste Company.
Better promotion of recycling and composting facilities and services where they are needed.
Licensing rules being amended for street traders and takeaways.
Better enforcement of littering sanctions.
Educational initiatives.
Using council media work to promote the ban.
Lobbying government for better powers to control waste.

Petition deadline: 31/12/2018.

Why is this important?

Please help us get the 3,500 signatures needed to enable a debate at a full council meeting of Bristol City Council.
So far, many people have signed a paper and e-petition calling for Bristol to introduce a city wide ban on single-use disposable plastic across all uses where the council has power.
As a local resident I am setting up this supporting version of the petition on 38 Degrees to spread the word further and make it easier for more people to sign it.
We wish to show the council how strong the desire is to bring about the positive change that we need. You can easily and quickly sign via 38 Degrees and your name will be counted, or you can do it on the council’s website using the link below, but the latter method involves creating an account with a password and logging in:$LO$=1
Bristol, UK

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2018-09-12 12:05:57 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2018-08-31 22:38:48 +0100

Thanks everyone who has signed this so far. Please may I ask if you would each tell one friend or share it? Then we can easily reach our target. We have 750 signatures on here, plus more on paper, to a total of about 2,500 - so our goal of 3,500 is within reach. We wish to get a debate at full council, once we reach our goal. Thanks. All shares appreciated. Alex.

2018-07-10 16:38:30 +0100

500 signatures reached

2018-06-30 20:59:21 +0100

100 signatures reached

2018-06-30 14:21:05 +0100

50 signatures reached

2018-06-30 11:28:03 +0100

25 signatures reached

2018-06-30 09:02:09 +0100

10 signatures reached