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To: North Somerset Council

A New Dawn for The Rising Sun, Backwell

A New Dawn for The Rising Sun, Backwell

Please save The Rising Sun from development into residential units. We want it to remain as a pub for our community.

Punch Taverns are disposing of hundreds of pubs across the UK - to be lost forever to housing and shops. Please don't let Backwell suffer to provide them with a quick buck. We'll be using the Localism Act to nominate The Rising Sun as an Asset of Community Value.

Another Backwell pub, The New Inn, remains boarded up and has had the bar furniture removed as other developers pursue housing there.

Why is this important?

Punch Taverns, the owners of the Rising Sun in Backwell are applying to turn the pub into housing. This would leave the village with only one pub at the far end of the village (over a mile away).

We feel Backwell needs, and can support, more than one pub.  The Rising Sun is a great facility with lots of previously untapped potential.  We want to retain it as a pub, a place to meet, drink and eat, but also to use the many spaces within the building and gardens for community activities and groups.

We are a thriving village with a strong and welcoming community - we support three schools, many sporting clubs, a music festival and a whole host of other activities.  Retaining The Rising Sun as a pub and breathing some much needed life into the space and business model would produce a profitable business that provides a real community and family hub - within a good old British pub environment. 

Please sign our petition to show your support for turning The Rising Sun into an excellent community pub.  If we lose it to housing, it’ll be gone forever.

Do look out for a survey about the pub coming soon - to make sure we gather the opinions of everyone in the community. We will also include some more information about how this exciting project could be delivered - lots of communities in the UK have saved their local pub! In the meantime, if you have any questions please use the Facebook page or email [email protected] and spread the word!

Thank you!

Backwell, North Somerset

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