To: Immigration minister Brandon Lewis MP

A passport fit for the 21st Century

A passport fit for the 21st Century

Rather than creating a passport modelled on the past, we should use our new passport to showcase the creative talent we have and reflect the global, modern and diverse country that we are today.

Why is this important?

Brexit, whether you voted for it or not, will be a moment where we will have to think afresh about how we present ourselves in the world. And it is matter because our future success as a country will be determined by whether people around the world want to buy goods and services designed, provided and manufactured in Britain.

Get it right, people from around the world will want to buy British. Get it wrong, and people won't want to be associated with us.

Passports are a physical manifestation of how a country sees itself and presents itself. So, let's create a passport which reflects our past, but isn't captured by it.

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