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To: Theresa May Home Secretary

A Proper Independent Judge Should be Appointed

A Proper Independent Judge Should be Appointed

*UPDATE: Lady Butler-Sloss has resigned from the inquiry*

Dear Home Secretary,

This petition is to demand that you appoint a proper independent judge instead of Lady Butler-Sloss to oversee the tribunal(s) regarding suspected child abuse by members of high office, entertainment and everyone else who was/is a member of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and also those who have had any part in the attempted cover up of acts of child abuse by said members.

Why is this important?

Lady Butler-Sloss, the judge you have appointed, is the sister of Sir Michael Havers who tried to prevent Geoffrey Dickens from naming Sir Peter Hayman being named as a member of the paedophile information exchange.

This means that from her position at the highest level of the very establishment she is supposed to be investigating, it is very difficult for the public to have the complete confidence that she will get to the bottom of things where establishment figures are concerned.
There should be several lay people sitting with her, seeing everything she sees. These people are there to serve, who have never been in politics or public service, who are good decent sensible people who can take a balanced view.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Keep looking at this woman expecting her to say "ow's about that then"... if you know what I mean.
  • Appalling misuse of power. The abuse will be covered up it they can possibly ge away with it, and appointing a dishonest judge is their first step. Not good enough. We are being 'ruled' by people who behave worse than sewer rats.
  • Given the Baroness's close connections with suspects, and her earlier willingness to be influenced by paedophile apologist Ralph Underwager, it's difficult to trust her impartiality on such an important matter.


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