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A590 Action for Safety - Backbarrow and Haverthwaite

A590 Action for Safety - Backbarrow and Haverthwaite

Implement a 40 mph speed limit and install cameras on the A590 through Backbarrow and Haverthwaite.
Install improved lighting & signage for pedestrians and motorists.
Change the dual carriageway to single carriageway at Haverthwaite.

Why is this important?

1. The pedestrian refuge at Backbarrow, although offering some protection and enables pedestrians to cross one half of the road at a time, it’s a place where people are very vulnerable with traffic roaring past at 60mph. Pedestrians are still at considerable risk of injury or death should a vehicle collide with it whilst they stand there waiting to cross. There have been at least two occasions in the past where vehicles have crashed into it, luckily no-one has been standing there at the time.

2. 60mph is far too fast, and we’re concerned that drivers are currently exceeding the national speed limit. Cameras need to be installed to enforce the new speed limit of 40 mph.

3. The pavements. particularly at Backbarrow are very narrow and pedestrians are forced to walk close to passing traffic which practically brush their shoulders, suck them in and blow them out again as they whoosh past - 60mph is far too fast. It only takes 30 seconds more to travel at 40 mph on the one mile stretch between Haverthwaite and Backbarrow.

4. The dual carriageway section at Haverthwaite is dangerous because it encourages drivers to increase their speed and take risks where there are junctions and bends to be negotiated.

5. Current lighting and signage is inadequate and drivers aren’t aware of the junctions and crossings in place. Pedestrians and drivers put their lives at risk every day. It’s time to take action and make improvements before someone else is seriously injured or killed.  We believe our proposals, are not unreasonable.

6. The community of Backbarrow are deeply saddened and angry that there’s been yet another incident recently which has cut short the life of a well liked, lovely friend and neighbour.
Without the reduction in the speed limit to 40mph and the other changes we are proposing, there will be further incidents and loss of life – it’s only a matter of time.

Backbarrow and Haverthwaite

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Reasons for signing

  • This is an incredibly scary piece of road to cross. I'm amazed the haverthwaite railway have not done more to push for a crossing. Not everyone arrives by car, trying to cross to catch, for example, the 6x is treacherous.
  • The dual carriageways at either end of the A590 through Backbarrow encourage drivers to speed through the village. It is dangerous not only to pedestrians but also drivers trying to cross the carriageway when leaving either side of the village.
  • I live in the village and always feel I am taking my life into my own hands whenever I try to get onto the A590.


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