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To: Threasa May, GRP & UK Parliament

Reform the GRA

We need an integrated system that generates the right for everyone to equally obtain a birth certificate without having to go through a two year "process", we have a right to obtain one right away, just like everyone else. There are a number of people that also have other health conditions.

Everything recorded in this Act, which Queen Elizabeth II records on this government's discrimination, hate and austerity is a violation to every human right. Calling each of our Trans, Gender-Fluid and Non-Binary community members "acquired", is elitist hate crime! Each one of us were born this way, you do not offer the Mx title to any Non-Binary or Gender-Fluid community member, children born trans are not given the right until it is deliberated by a discriminatory panel, and the wait of two years screams with prejudice! We need a smooth and fairer system for everyone regardless of gender to obtain the basic human right to a birth certificate, as well as better immigration rights.

Why is this important?

The rights of millions of Trans and Non-Binary people is at stake! Our Government is exploiting us into 'outing' ourselves to obtaining birth certification!

We need this reformation of the Gender Recognition Act, in order for the birth of future Trans and Non-Binary people to obtain certification no matter where on life's journey they are.
It will change the way society accepts us as members of society = no questions asked
It will generate employment and better immigration rights
It will make government run things quicker than today.

My case story

My name is Alexandria Aileen Adamson, I am an autistic woman. There was complications earlier on in life. My grandparents raised me a girl, but then at 10 he (the biological father) threatened to murder me, and from then on I was forced to pretend for him for 15 years until my mum had enough of his abuse. Mum moved me with her away from the abuse, From then on I was a free women with severe medical complications, that resulted in intense physical therapy and now awaiting surgery that wasn't my fault. From the Tories NHS cuts I am on an incredibly long waiting list and having problems with losing weight to reduce the BMI, as well as obtain birth certification under Tory rule. however there has been cuts on dietitions on the NHS, that's becoming more hard to lose weight! The Gender Identity Clinic under the NHS are to supply evidence on cases of "gender dysphoria", which in the of cases, patients do not feel it should be relevent to obain a birth certificate.

I have suffered seven suicide attempts and severe mental health problems due to the Tories ignorance and austerity. I have been offered a place at East Tennessee State University to study Bluegrass Old-Time and Country music, because no birth certificate = no visa or green card.

I started this petition on the evening of International Day of Peace, as it is a day for calling for ceasefire and putting an end to hate

How it will be delivered

We are planning a series of campaign days, are asking for volunteers to come forward and lobby with us, help get more signatures and fight to get a hearing date with the House of Commons to present testomony in support to abolish the GRA.



2017-10-30 10:41:54 +0000

Woohoo we've reached 50 + more offline! Please keep 'em coming in! The quicker we have a majority the better chance the community will have their rights reinstated! C'mon people, keep pushing

2017-10-30 10:26:47 +0000

50 signatures reached

2017-10-09 23:01:48 +0100

25 signatures reached

2017-09-24 23:20:19 +0100

Thankyou to the 13 people who signed today, really means a lot! Our first campaign day is next Sunday 1st October in Manchester following the people's protest march to the tory conference. We will be setting a table out with clipboards and paraphernalia in support of our campaign. We are calling out for volunteers to come forward and help us in this run to push for a quicker abolishment to the GRA! Thank you so very much!

2017-09-24 16:15:29 +0100

10 signatures reached

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