To: Christopher Grayling, Transport Secretary

Act quickly to reduce speeding; save lives every year

Act quickly to reduce speeding; save lives every year

Save hundreds of lives every year; stop blocking the EU’s adoption of mandatory Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) in new vehicles

Why is this important?

Has a speeding vehicle affected you or those you know? About 1800 people die each year on the UK’s roads, and another 24,000 are seriously injured. Estimates suggest that these could be dramatically reduced by ISA - saving hundreds of lives every year and avoiding thousands of life changing injuries.

We will not need every vehicle to have ISA to affect speeding, once a small proportion of vehicles are fitted they will slow down the ones behind them. After just a few years, action by Chris Grayling could save hundreds of lives

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Reasons for signing

  • this technology has huge power to improve safety, reduce injury and prevent crashes with the trauma (injury) and hassle of insurance claims for damage-only bumps. I salute EU's move to do this and would love the government to adopt it.
  • A simple step that will make a huge difference


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