To: Affinity Sutton Housing

Affinity Sutton's Water Cap

The Residents of Hurst Rd would like Affinity Sutton to remove the caps on the external taps so that we can once again have access to water in the garden.

Why is this important?

We feel that our families are being unfairly penalised. The children that live here have a communal garden and one of the activities that is enjoyed by ALL the children young and old is the use of paddling pools. The capping of the external taps means we are unable to water our garden plants, unable to provide water for the dogs that use the garden and we are unable to allow the children to cool off in the hot weather. This is important as we are paying communal water charges but have no access to communal water. We were not consulted or given fair warning of the taps being capped. We have been repeatedly ignored by our landlord. We as a community have been told we are not allowed to use paddling pools or have water fights in our communal garden and feel this is unacceptable. This petition is a way for all tenants in rented properties to show how important it is for landlords to listen to residents on issues that impact their lives.

Ashford TN24

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Reasons for signing

  • I haved signed this because i feel our children are loosing out because someone lied that we made rivers in the hall ways whitch is a can we water the plants..wash dog poo when left..if there was a bbq that got out of hand there be no water supply..its a disgrace how we get treated in these blocks..
  • the reason why i have signed because these are my grandchildren they have the right to be able to cool down in this heat wave say if somebody collapsed how would you get water to them you wouldn't be able to cause theres no water how would you feel than or someone was pregnant anything can happen and it would be all your fault its unfair how would you feel if that were your children i live in a flat so i know what its like i would take this to the local news papers and local mp
  • Water is an essential commodity not a luxury


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