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To: Bristol City FC

Against the removal of children tickets in Lansdown Lower

Against the removal of children tickets in Lansdown Lower

Reconsider the removal of childrens season tickets from the Lansdown Lower

Why is this important?

Because people are being asked to either pay an unjustfied price to keep their current seats and effectively being forced to move from their current seats, price increases are understandable but removal of child ticket options from sections of the ground are not acceptable.


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Reasons for signing

  • I'm 16 I went to he Sheffield Wednesday games yesterday with my mates and had a great time. 100% would go again, but not a the price this it would ne
  • BCFC are discriminating against children by charging them excessive amounts if they want to stay in the Landsdown lower wings, do BCFC not want their future watching from the sidelines?
  • Why should four blokes, life-long suuporters, introducing two juniors to this wonderful club, have to sit among the kids?


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