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To: The Right Honourable Michael Fallon MP: Secretary of State for Defence

Allow all HM Armed Forces Veterans to claim for Asbestos Related Lung Disease (Mesothelioma)

Update 01/03/16 - SUCCESS! - Settlement Announced for All Veterans:

Since the Campaign started in October 2015, the Government has committed:

£350,000,000 funding committed for 2,500 Armed Forces Veterans – Many thanks!
Good reason has prevailed
Veterans now treated equitably with civilians
The Armed Forces Covenant’s Principles thoroughly applied; brilliant!

Repeal the Crown Proceedings (Armed Forces) Act 1987 to allow all Veterans to claim for Asbestos Related Lung Disease and enforce the Armed Forces Covenant.
This condition (Mesothelioma) remains dormant for decades, then strikes without warning. It is extremely progressive, life threatening, incurable and life expectancy is 9 months from diagnosis.

Why is this important?

The 1987 Act legally prevents thousands of UK Veterans from proper compensation............This must change and soon!
You are urged to comply with the Prime Minister's vow to review this unfair payment rule (PM Question Time: 04 Nov 2015).
For example: Fred Minall aged 74 joined up at age 15 and served 8 years in the Royal Navy as a mechanical engineer.
He was heavily exposed to asbestos whilst working from the age of 16 years in engine and boiler rooms and machinery spaces or compartments on 4 of Her Majesty's Warships at home and abroad.
Prior to his diagnosis he was a fit 74 year old man who enjoyed travel, caravanning and sport. At this date he is extremely fatigued, has no interest and is unable to partake in any exercise, e.g. 4 months ago he could swim 40 lengths of a swimming pool, now cannot swim at all because of exhaustion. He has been reduced 'overnight' to a feeble unwell man and has just started 18 weeks of chemotherapy which may or may not be effective.
Fred is just one of an estimated 2,500 people who have or are likely to be effected by this fatal disease following exposure to this lethal asbestos.
You will agree that all service personnel deserve to be recognised for their commitment to the country and should receive the same level of compensation as all civilians and all other Armed Forces service personnel after 1987.
You may agree, that the MOD was negligent having the knowledge that this mineral substance was highly dangerous by allowing their personnel to work in a dangerous environment without warning of its dangers, without protective clothing or protection to their airways. Now they must suffer the consequences for their innocence.


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Reasons for signing

  • A very good friend and colleage died from this wicked disease.
  • Ex Royal Navy and am aware of MOD total disregard for ex servicemen.
  • my husband died of this dreadful disease


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