To: Kent MPs

Allow us to serve you Curry

Allow us to serve you Curry

We want MP’s to back the Curry Houses in bringing in Chefs from Abroad as they are facing serious shortages.

Why is this important?

The 4 billion Curry industry needs government to seriously reconsider the skill migration policy to accommodate the staff shortage Curry Houses are facing . There are lots of Curry house owners selling their business because they can’t deal with this understaff situation.
My organisation Bangladesh Caterers Association Kent would like your support to keep its members door open to serve you the British People your Favourite curries.
As we know Due to Brexit the Immigration policies will change , we would like the Government to change their view towards the Curry Industry and allow us to bring Chefs from Abroad as they have accommodated Agriculture industry by allowing Fruit Pickers to be employed from Abroad.


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