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To: Government

Allow Women into Equal Armed Force Positions

Allow women to be able to chose whether they want to join up to front line armed force roles rather than being told they can't.

Why is this important?

Because women are being told that in this society they are equal, but this law proves they are not. If a women passes the same physical test as a man why should she still not be allowed to join up? When I go on the army website to see what roles I could join up as I see loads of interesting, exiting opportunities yet when I click on all the ones I'm interested in one of the requirements is for me to be male. Well sorry, but thats not going to happen. I want the choice to join up!
Many men when questioning feminism (simply gender equality) argue that they are pressured to join up not understanding that women can't.
If a women meets the same physical requirements as a man and joins up, how is that any different to a man joining up? Even the US allows women into front line roles! I don't see how some people believe that sexism doesn't exist in the UK...



2015-04-08 15:59:04 +0100

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