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To: East Devon District Council c/o P Diviani and Sidmouth Town Council

Alternative plan for Sidmouth's Port Royal - the 3Rs

Include our alternative plan for Port Royal: Retain, Refurbish, Reuse in your regeneration proposal in place of the current 'multi-use development'.

Why is this important?

In October this year EDDC will decide on future development for the Port Royal area of our seafront. This follows a scoping study done in conjunction with Sidmouth Town Council. The large-scale development put forward in the consultation (and as proposed in the Local Plan) will have a huge impact on the views, use of the area and change its unique character. People in Sidmouth have been asking why the area can't remain as it is, with subtle improvements and changes. We now call on EDDC to reconsider their plan for a large new building and adopt our proposal to Retain, Refurbish and Reuse. Retain existing buildings, allow careful refurbishment of the whole area and open up discussions on potential uses for the Drill Hall.

How it will be delivered

Delivery in person, to the Leader and Chair of EDDC and the Chair of STC.
The bulk of the petition was downloaded for delivery to STC on 3rd September 2017 but it will remain open online until further notice.


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