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To: Vale of York CCG

Stop plans to ban obese patients or smokers from getting NHS care

Stop plans to ban obese patients or smokers from getting NHS care

We would like NHS bosses to stop plans to deny treatment to individuals.

Why is this important?

Plans to ban obese patients or smokers in North Yorkshire from getting NHS care are being drawn up. NHS bosses have tried this before, but after a public outcry, they backed down. We need to tell them a final time that these plans are unfair and cruel.

Obesity and smoking are often symptoms of stress, long term physical and mental illness, trauma, bereavement, loss of job, financial stress and many other factors. Inflammation in the brain compounding, even causing depression, anxiety and other symptoms which make it impossible to assert healthy behaviours for many, depending on the severity of the illness. Medications used to treat illness also often cause the side effect of obesity.

The move from the Vale of York CCG is heartless, poorly researched and in my opinion cruel punishment which will inevitably cause a painful death. I think these NHS bosses are unfit for purpose to even consider it, so we need to tell them to stop the plans.

They would be better charged to work on prevention rather than a 'cure' which is only geared towards cutting costs by targeting the most vulnerable. The NHS is not a business, contrary to proposals. We and our forefathers pay and have worked for it. It is Governmental duty to administer what is the best, overall, health system in the world according to global studies.
All these points are well documented in multiple vigorous research studies, found by a simple search on some of the keywords.


Reasons for signing

  • Who do they think has been funding the NHS I wonder ?
  • As a smoker myself I (& all other smokers) have paid far more in tax than any "healthy" person. Obesity is a result of poor nutrition regulations in the food we are sold. To then cheat people of the healthcare they have paid for is disgusting
  • Its beyond stupid, why not ban people who get skin cancer for not wearing sunscreen or refuse people who injure themselves exercising


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