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To: Edinburgh Council

Ask Edinburgh Council to keep Engine Shed open

Ask Edinburgh Council to keep Engine Shed open

Please don't force more people with disabilities into a life on benefits - keep the Engine Shed open!

Why is this important?

The Engine Shed is a renowned training scheme which has transformed the lives of young people with learning disabilities for the past 25 years. They have helped many young people with learning disabilities gain skills in a real work environment and supported them to move into mainstream, paid employment. Trainees work alongside staff in the vegetarian café, organic bakery, organic tofu production unit and conference centre while developing skills for life. The Engine Shed is due to close down on the 19th February, 2015, due to Edinburgh Council stopping its funding. The.council says it will replace this with a new supported employment system, but critics point out that over 75% of Remploy employees are still unemployed after its closure. Let's ask Edinburgh Council to think again!


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