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To: Minister for the Environment, Elizabeth Truss MP

Ban the use of air fresheners in public places

Ban the use of air fresheners in public places

Ask the Minister for Environment, Elizabeth Truss, to respond to the concerns of the report by the Royal Colleges of Physicians and of Paediatrics and Child Health by enforcing a UK wide ban on the use of air fresheners in public spaces including; public toilets, schools, nurseries, hospitals, doctors surgeries, pharmacies, shopping centres, shops, supermarkets, cinemas, cafes & restaurants, pubs, public transport, motorway services etc.

Why is this important?

The use of air fresheners in public spaces has become increasingly widespread. The health of the general public has been overlooked and it has become almost impossible to avoid contact with air fresheners and indoor pollutants as we go about our daily lives. Air fresheners have a detrimental affect on health, particularly on those suffering from migraine, asthma, respiratory problems and allergy. Around 5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma including 1.1 million children. Please join this campaign to help improve public awareness and urge the UK government, local councils and businesses to take action to safeguard public health.

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Reasons for signing

  • I have an allergy to air fresheners and a neighbour is constantly spraying it in communal area making me extremely ill
  • I have an allergy to chemical smells causing me to leave my job and stops me from going to places.Different chemicals cause different reactions making it difficult to deal with. Air fresheners, scented candles, perfume, aftershave, washing detergents and bleach are the worst.It's an unregulated multi billion pound industry.
  • I am a brittle asthmatic and these airfresheners have caused severe attacks that have landed me in hospital. I can't pick up my own medication from the pharmacy because of the scented candles grouped around the counter. Today I found that I can no-longer go to church. Not only do they affect my airways but they make my throat swell.


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Thank you so much for your support in signing this petition :) We reached 100 signatures in a short space of time and the numbers continue to steadily rise. I'm told that the most effective way to increase signatures is to ask supporters to share the petition on their wall if they haven't already or with a couple of other like-minded friends who are likely to show support. If you would like to follow the campaign or discuss this issue further you may be interested in joining my new Facebook group 'Fragrance Free UK'. Thanks again for your support. Annali :)

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