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To: Scottish government

Ban Bus Gates and Bus Lanes

Make bus gates (and possibly bus lanes) against the law or ban them through some other means.

Why is this important?

Bus gates and lanes make travel to cities overly complicated and disproportionately disadvantage people from outwith the local area.
Bus gates are overly complicated and are like traps to catch out the general public who accidentally end up in the wrong lane.
In any other instance a safe manoeuvre or detour would correct a navigational error but with bus gates and bus lane cameras any confusion of lane choice becomes a penalty to people who are trying to obey the rules as often there is no way to prevent entering a zone once in a wrong lane on a one way system.
Access to city roads should be equal for all vehicles and not restrict the general public from travel.
The general public shoud not be subjected to fines or any penalty for trying to navigate round a town in order to buy goods or services to provide for their families.




2023-09-01 09:53:04 +0100

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