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  • It should be illegal not to accept Scottish Sterling
    At the moment traders south of the Border can refuse to take such notes causing much embarrassment and frustration for visitors. Even the Scottish Secretary Mr Mundell, MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, in 2009!! said: “Many people, myself included, have tried to pay with Scottish banknotes in England, only to find them questioned. This is exasperating. And when a Scottish note is refused, that can even leave Scots in restaurants or petrol stations unable to pay for what they have bought.” Nearly ten years after Mr Mundell`s attempt at a private bill nothing has changed. I don`t know a single Scot who has not experienced this embarrassment or indeed a single English person who has been welcomed to Scotland by being told your sterling is not welcome here. The time has come to stop this antiquated discrimination and bring in new law to stop it.
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    Created by Steven Robinson Picture
  • Encourage Transport Scotland to rethink the A96 dualling options from Brodie to Forres.
    Transport Scotland has made available its proposed routes for the A96 dual carriageway from Hardmuir to Fochabers. The purple route P1 is shown to go directly through Macbeth's Hillock - a site that legend has it is where Macbeth and Banquo met the witches who told them their fate. It then travels east through Brodie Home Farm, immediately adjacent to Brodie Castle (a Scottish Tourist Board four star and Gold Green Tourism Award Winner property), owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland who describe it as the "Ancestral home of Clan Brodie, with an outstanding art collection and magnificent library". The route then moves north and skims along the edge of Culbin Forest,  an area designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Forestry Commission notes that "The diverse landscape and unusual species here have achieved national and international recognition and are protected by law".  The RSPB calls it "A breathtaking coastal reserve, full of wildlife". It then crosses the Moray Coastal Trail which allows locals and tourists alike to enjoy "a coastline alive with wildlife that would be the envy of many other regions in Britain". What is the value placed on the detrimental impact to so many of the wonderful historical assets of this area? Quite apart from the significant environmental and ecological delights that this option destroys, it cuts the close-knit rural communities of Dyke, Kintessack, Moy and Loanhead right down the middle. All the children from this area go to school in Dyke Village School, and the Village Hall and Church are the epicentres of activity for this community. It destroys the homes of people who have lived in this community their whole lives and obliterates the tranquility and beauty of those who remain there. What is the value placed on the destruction of a community? This is an area frequented by cyclists, bird watchers, anglers, horse-riders and walkers with its wide network of quiet, beautiful roads and tracks. It is a key attraction for tourists. What is the value placed on the destruction of our local economy, with tourism, self-catering accommodation, farming and a wealth of local businesses? From a practical point of view, the proposed route crosses, not once, but at least twice, the Gas Pipeline and Storage System that runs from Inverness to RAF Lossiemouth. It spends a significant amount of time in areas designated as medium or high risk of flooding on the SEPA flood maps. What is the cost of this proposed route through land patently unsuitable for anything other than birds, animals, people and water? Please lend your support to this petition asking Transport Scotland to reconsider it's proposal and exclude this as a potential route for the A96 dual carriageway.
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    Created by Lorna Ross
  • Bring Isle of Skye into 21st century tourism
    As Scotland moves forward to whatever it's new future entails the fact that the oil industry is in the doldrums and Scotland is a world class destination means tourism will only become more important. The Isle of Skye, whilst becoming ever more popular with visitors, is currently under resourced to meet growing demand to visit the island. This must be addressed to make sure a real opportunity for Scotland's future is met.
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    Created by Ste Carter Picture
  • Exempt Haemophiliacs from PIP assessment
    A generation of Haemophiliacs were infected with HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C through contaminated blood products (Factor 8 & 9) on the NHS throughout the early 1980's. People with haemophilia can bleed into the joint space after an injury or, at times, without obvious cause. The pressure of blood filling the joint cavity causes significant pain and can lead to chronic swelling and deformity. This is a condition which can, at best, be delayed, but invariably leads to chronic Arthritis. Unlike modern clotting agents the Factors given to this generation weren't as effective as they are now and it's very rare to find a patient who hasn't suffered lasting multiple joint damage. In recognition of this many were awarded higher lifetime rates of Attendance Allowance and or Mobility Allowance (now combined into DLA). This has allowed many to live a much more productive and full life than they otherwise could. DLA is currently being replaced by Personal Independence Payment. This requires anyone in receipt of DLA, regardless of term awarded, to undergo an assessment which ranges from highly stressful to traumatic. Given that most surviving Haemophiliacs from this group have already been left traumatised by the multiple infections given to them many are viewing this assessment with much trepidation and concern. Some Haemophiliacs have surrendered the benefit rather than have to go through it. The Scottish Parliament has taken steps to alleviate the financial concerns of this group, well above the lamentable efforts by the UK parliament and should be applauded for their compassion and understanding. It would greatly help the survivors further if they were made exempt from this humiliating process.
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    Created by Ian Baird
  • Force the UK government into doing more for Refugees
    Imagine the nuclear bombs in our country went off, leaving our nation a wasteland and we had to flee to mainland Europe or Africa, should they turn us away because we're refugees? Because we're of another faith or skin colour? Would other nations letting us die be okay? Chances are you said, no, so how is it okay for us to let thousands of people die every day trying to escape war. War that we created. They're trying to escape the IS, they're trying to escape the bombs that France, America and We drop on them. We need to do more. These are human beings and we are letting them die.
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    Created by Xander Wilson Picture
  • Make provision for siblings to go to same school
    As parents are being made to support 2 schools and face logistical nightmares up and down the country.
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    Created by Lisa Murray Picture
  • Grown up licensing for off-license sales.
    Restricting the times when alchohol can be purchased, does not deter the alchohol dependent from binge drinking in our streets or at home. It does however, discriminate against those of us who work long shifts and are unable to purchase their shopping during "normal" hours.
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    Created by John Green Picture
  • Speed Awareness Course to educate drivers
    A speed awareness can modify and change driving behaviours, fines /points are less effective. Might save more lives on the road!
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    Created by Maggie proctor
  • Let's Talk About Darryl.....
    Darryl could be any one of hundreds of people in this city. He has clearly fallen through the cracks and is caught up in some Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare. He needs a home. He is not alone.
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    Created by jonathan richards
  • Keep McGills Number 26 serving the new Glasgow Hospital
    It is important to families of disabled children, those of us with sensory or mobility needs. Those visiting a sick relation. For many having to use two buses is just too much. This will have a huge impact on the most vulnerable. Transport should serve the public not put profit first. Please sign and share.
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    Created by Sandra Webster Picture
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