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To: Zac Goldsmith MP

Ban Cars from Richmond Park

Campaign created by
Mike Head
Ban Cars from Richmond Park

We want to take cars out of Richmond Park and create a safer and pollution free environment for people to enjoy. We want a ban on cars commuting through Richmond Park during the week. On weekends we want cars to be restricted to accessing the car parks from the nearest gate.

Why is this important?

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve, an SSSI and a Grade 1 Listed landscape. The weekend closure would not only enhance the experience for cyclists and other users but would also promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural and physical environment of the Park, and its peace and natural beauty for the benefit the public and future generations.

The park is a great asset for SW London, it should be a safe place for families to explore and for people to ride bicycles around without having the roads jammed up with cars.

London, United Kingdom

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